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Lagos, Nigeria. The most densely populated city on the African continent. As a Lagosian, you are built to withstand a lot. The hot sun, traffic, drought + no electricity for hours on end to name a few. Distractions are everywhere, but there is no time to get distracted. Lagosians are hyper focused on the hustle. Get what is yours before someone else does.

This collection is inspired by that relentless hustle. Designed in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and handmade in Lagos, Nigeria. Working closely together with local tailors we bring you these pieces to wear out in the field, on your daily grind. 



Creative Director

George Adegite

Makeup & Styling

Ruth Dara


Marsha Peters

Creative Assistants

Karim Khamis
Thaib Saddique


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We don't know what tomorrow has in store for us. But today, provides us another piece of clay, waiting on us to mold it. This collection is all about celebrating where you are from. And using it as an inspiration to create something new.


aGeorge is a high-end Fashion brand founded in 2015. Exclusively sold both online and in store.


ageorge is a high end fashion brand that researches what is current and designs its own take on it. inspired by the very fabric of life + ‘the streets’, ageorge weaves together pieces that stand out by default. 


“fashion comes and goes,
but style is always in fashion”


ageorge is all about clean design infused with colour + culture. the collections are made up out of easy to wear pieces for women + men who know what they want, when they want it.